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Course Work 2: Build a Chatbot in Neurons

Due end week 12 (March 31st, 2023 (5 pm))

This course work is worth 60% of the overall module mark.

The course work is to build a chatbot in neurons in PyNN and Nest. You can use the NEAL stuff. In particular the generator stuff should be enough to give you a reasonable system. It comes with an example system. You should expand that system.

If you'd like, you can extend the system to include the parser. So, user input words actually turn on words in the parser, which then turns on queries to the generator, which then turns on the output words.

A 1500 word report should be written.

This coursework can be done in groups of up to three. An additional 500 words should be included for each additional team member. An additional paragraph should be included (beyond the word count) stating what each member did.

Here is the tar ball for code , the

Marking scheme:

10Running Code
40Quality of Results
25Discussion of Model
20Discussion of Results

Please submit the code and the report to the moodle page.