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Lab 20: Planning

  1. Can you win from the current state on this turn. You have already solved red, yellow, and black. You have five blue cards, are in Montreal, and there is a research station in Atlanta?
  2. Write code to show that you can using move and solve.
  3. Your partner is in the same situation, but it is your turn.
  4. If there are no more player cards, can you win?
  5. Again write code to say how.
  6. Your partner has four blue cards, is in Montreal, Montreal is in the player deck, there are four cards left in the player deck, and you are in Chicago. How could you win? How likely are you to win?
  7. Make a probabilistic game tree to show how likely you are to win.
  8. Can you code up a probabilistic game tree that looks ahead one move? How about up to n moves?
  9. Can you incorporate the infection deck?
  10. Without coding it, how could you disccus your options with the user?