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Here are some BSc and MSc thesis topics I'm interested in supervising. Feel free to e-mail for more of a discussion.

  1. I'm interested in spiking neural networks, and have a mechanism for learning to categorise with them. There's a page with code and a paper .
  2. I was working on the Human Brain Project .
  3. I'm flexible, so if you have a neural idea, ask.
  4. Here are some ideas:
  5. General: I've superevised a lot of theses over the years using the University of California at Irvine's Categorisation Benchmark . The idea is that a a student uses a machine learning algorithm on tests on the benchmark. Any algorithm will work. You can use multiple benchmarks. You can use multiple algorithms. It's good to use an N-Fold test.
  6. General: A chatbot.
  7. Very General: Anything in AI

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