PhD Topics Chris Huyck is interested in Supervising

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience PhD Topics

  1. Associative Memory with Cell Assemblies: we've worked with Cell Assemblies for decades now. While we can build associative memories, we are interested in memories that are learned. Moreover, the short-term memories should persist for times similar to human short-term memories. This could be done as part of the Human Brain Project mechanism with PyNN and SpiNNaker or Nest. It could also be done with my java FLIF simulator CANT.
  2. Improved CABot3 Vision: our existing virtual agent works in the java simulator and on the SpiNNaker HBP platform. Vision is rudimentary with line dectectors and object detectors. There is wide scope to improve this mechanism. This could use learning to learn new visual objects; implement depth perception, for example with binocular vision; learn early visual features; or a wide range of other neuro-biologically plausible improvements.
  3. Cognitive Mapping for CABots: our CABot3 agent has a very simple cognitive mapping mechanism. A radically improved mechanism could be developed. This could take advantage of grid or place cells. Memory could be transient.
  4. I'm open to discussion of other Computational Cognitive Neuroscience PhD Topics. However, I all but insist on some neural implementation.
  5. I'm interested in language processing with neurons. In particular, cascaded finite state automata are flexible fast mechanisms that could be easily implemented on neuromorphic hardware. We could also improve the context free parser to include episodic memory, and run on Nest and SpiNNaker.
  6. I'm interested in neural deep belief nets. We have done some work with multi area learning with biologically plausible mechanisms. This could easily be expanded.

Natural Language Processing Topics

  1. I'm interested in chatbots. A domain specific chatbot implemented in existing technologies could address a range of interesting topics. An obvious current mechanism is to use the chatgpt libraries.
  2. I'm interested in language processing with neurons. See above.

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